Mid Term Car Parking London luton airport

Mid Term Car Parking

Our official Mid Term Car Park at London Luton Airport offers secure, on-site parking at a great price. Simply park your car and take a 10-minute walk to the terminal – you keep your keys.

Choosing our Mid Term Car Park at London Luton Airport offers a host of conveniences and benefits to ensure a hassle-free parking experience for your trip. Here’s why you should consider using it:

Convenient Location:

The Mid Term Car Park is strategically positioned just a 10-minute walk away from the terminal building. This means you can quickly and easily access the airport without the need for lengthy transfers or waiting for shuttle buses.

Secure Parking:

Rest assured that your vehicle will be in safe hands during your absence. Our car park at London Luton Airport is equipped with 24/7 security patrols, providing constant monitoring and surveillance to deter any unauthorized activities. Additionally, our facilities hold the prestigious Park Mark® certification, a recognition from the police for maintaining high standards of security and safety.

No Pre-Booking Required:

Unlike some other parking options, there’s no need to pre-book your space at the Mid Term Car Park at London Luton Airport. Simply arrive at the car park, find a suitable spot, and proceed with your journey. This flexibility is ideal for travelers who may have unpredictable schedules or last-minute travel plans.

How to find us and what you’ll need to do

  • If you’re using GPS navigation, input the postcode LU2 9QT to reach the Airport.
  • Afterward, simply follow the directions leading to the Mid Term Car Park.
  • Upon arrival, retrieve a ticket and follow the signs guiding you to the closest vacant parking spot.
  • Securely park your vehicle and remember the location where you’ve parked.
  • Then, enjoy a brief 10-minute stroll to the terminal.

Drop off/pick up in Mid Term Car Park

If you’re dropping off or picking up someone, you can use our mid-term car park. The drop-off and pick-up zone has been temporarily relocated there after the recent car park fire.

Drop off/pick up in Long Stay Car Park

If you require more time for dropping off or picking up, our Long Stay Car Park provides 1 hour of FREE parking. The transfer to the terminal is just a quick 10-minute ride on one of our complimentary shuttle buses. You have the option to stay for up to 2 hours for £7.00. For stays exceeding 2 hours, the full daily rate applies, and re-entry within 4 hours is not permitted.

Parking for motorcycles

Motorcycles can enjoy FREE parking in the designated motorcycle parking bays at the Mid Term Car Park for a maximum of 21 days. After this period, standard daily charges will apply.

Please be aware that while London Luton Airport Car Parks are under surveillance, we recommend that customers lock and disable their motorcycles whenever feasible. Vehicles left in the Car Parks are at the owners’ risk. Additionally, note that this area is not covered.

Parking FAQs

Can you walk from the Mid Term Car Park to the Terminal?

Certainly, it’s only a 10-minute walk to the terminal building.

What security measures are in place at the Mid Term Car Park at LLA?

All of our car parks hold the Park Mark Safer Parking® certification, evaluated by the Police, ensuring their safety. They are under constant patrol 24/7 by our management, Airport Security, and the Police.

What should I do when I arrive at LLA’s Mid Term Car Park?

Approach the barrier and take a ticket. Once the barrier lifts, enter the car park and find an open space to park. When leaving, drive up to the exit barrier and insert the ticket. After settling any outstanding fees, the barrier will rise for your exit.

What electric car parking facilities do you have?

Luton Airport provides comprehensive coverage for electric vehicles, featuring 6 Tesla chargers and 4 type 2 chargers, all situated in Terminal Carpark 1 on the second floor. These facilities are fully accessible to the public, offering charging for up to 8 hours at the stations, with prices starting at £1. For further details on our electric vehicle amenities, please visit our website.