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London Luton Airport, a vital gateway to Europe and beyond, caters to millions of travelers each year. But navigating parking, especially for extended trips, can be a source of stress. Fear not, intrepid explorer! This comprehensive guide delves into the world of London Luton Airport’s Long Term Car Park, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective parking experience for your long-term adventure.

Long Term Car Park

Unveiling the Long Term Car Park: Your Long Stay Sanctuary

The Long Term Car Park, as the name suggests, is designed for extended stays. Whether you’re embarking on a two-week vacation or a business trip lasting a month, this car park provides a secure and convenient haven for your vehicle. Located just a short distance from the terminal, the Long Term Car Park prioritizes affordability and ease of access.

Benefits of the Long Term Car Park:

  • Cost-Effective: Compared to other parking options at Luton Airport, the Long Term Car Park offers the most budget-friendly rates, especially for stays exceeding a few days.
  • Secure Parking: The car park boasts 24/7 security patrols and CCTV monitoring, ensuring your vehicle remains safe throughout your trip.
  • Convenient Transfers: A free shuttle bus service operates regularly, transporting you comfortably between the car park and the terminal. No need to lug heavy suitcases long distances!
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing your car is secure allows you to focus on the excitement of your trip, rather than worrying about parking hassles.

Exploring Your Long Term Parking Options:

Long Term Parking Options

The Long Term Car Park offers flexibility to suit your needs:

  • Pre-Booking: For guaranteed parking, especially during peak seasons, consider pre-booking your space online or by phone. This often comes with discounted rates compared to paying upon arrival.
  • Pay on Arrival: If you prefer spontaneity, simply drive up to the Long Term Car Park entrance. Take a ticket from the barrier, park your car, and pay using the convenient machines located within the car park or upon arrival at the terminal.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Long Term Car Park:

  1. Pre-booking (Optional): Head to the official Luton Airport website or call their dedicated parking hotline to secure your spot.
  2. Arrival: Drive to the Long Term Car Park entrance, following the clear signage.
  3. Issuing a Ticket: Upon reaching the barrier, a ticket will be dispensed. Hold onto this ticket as you’ll need it for payment.
  4. Finding Your Spot: Drive into the car park and choose a vacant space.
  5. Parking Your Car: Park your car responsibly, ensuring you’re within the designated lines and not obstructing other vehicles.
  6. Luggage Management: Unload your luggage at your designated parking space. Remember the car park’s location relative to the shuttle bus stop for a smooth departure later.

Catching Your Shuttle to the Terminal:

The free shuttle bus service operates regularly, transporting passengers between the Long Term Car Park and the terminal building. Look for clearly marked shuttle bus stops within the car park. The journey typically takes around 10 minutes, allowing you to relax and prepare for your flight.

Returning to the Long Term Car Park:

Long Term Car Park

After a successful trip, navigate your way back to the Long Term Car Park using the airport signage.

  • Payment: If you haven’t pre-booked, locate the pay machines within the car park or at the terminal building. Have your ticket ready for a smooth transaction.
  • Collecting Your Car: Once you’ve paid the parking fee, proceed to your parked car.
  • Exiting the Car Park: Insert your ticket (or scan your pre-booked parking confirmation) at the exit barrier to raise the gate and depart the car park.

Additional Tips for a Smooth Long Term Parking Experience:

  • Reserve Early: During peak travel seasons, parking spaces can fill up quickly. Consider pre-booking to avoid any last-minute stress.
  • Download the Luton Airport App: This handy app provides real-time parking availability updates, shuttle bus timetables, and a map of the Long Term Car Park.
  • Pack Light: If you’re on a long trip, consider packing light to minimize the hassle of lugging heavy suitcases between the car park and the shuttle bus.
  • Double-Check Your Belongings: Before leaving your car, ensure you haven’t forgotten any valuables inside the vehicle.

Beyond the Long Term Car Park: Alternative Parking Options:

While the Long Term Car Park offers the most budget-friendly option for extended stays, Luton Airport provides a variety of parking options to suit different needs and budgets:

  • Short Stay Car Parks: Perfect for quick drop-offs, pick-ups, or short layovers. These car parks are located closest to the terminal building, offering maximum convenience at a premium price.
  • Mid Stay Car Parks: A good balance between affordability and convenience. Located a short walk or shuttle bus ride from the terminal, these car parks are ideal for stays of a few days.
  • Terminal Car Park 1: This multi-storey car park offers the ultimate convenience of being directly connected to the terminal building via a link bridge. Ideal for travelers who prioritize immediate access and are willing to pay a higher price.
  • Meet and Greet Services: For the ultimate in convenience, consider a meet and greet service. A driver will meet you upon arrival, take care of your car parking, and return it to you upon your return.

Choosing the Right Parking Option:

The ideal parking option for you depends on several factors:

  • Trip Duration: Short stays call for short-stay parking, while longer trips benefit from long-stay or mid-stay options.
  • Budget: Official airport parking offers convenience but might be pricier. Research off-site parking options for potentially lower rates.
  • Convenience: Short-stay and Terminal Car Park 1 are closest to the terminal, while long-stay and mid-stay options require shuttle rides. Consider how much luggage you have and how much walking you’re comfortable with.

Exploring Off-Site Parking Options:

Several reputable companies offer off-site parking near Luton Airport. These companies often provide lower rates than the official airport parking, with shuttle services to the terminal. However, it’s crucial to research and compare prices and services before booking. Consider factors like security measures, shuttle bus frequency, and distance from the airport when making your decision.

Making Your Long Term Parking Reservation:

Here are some resources to help you book your Long Term Car Park space or explore alternative options:

  • Official Luton Airport Website: – Provides detailed information on all parking options, including real-time availability and online booking for the Long Term Car Park.
  • Luton Airport App: Download the app for a user-friendly experience with parking updates, shuttle bus timetables, and a map of the Long Term Car Park.
  • Third-Party Parking Providers: Several reputable companies offer off-site parking near Luton Airport. Search online and compare prices, services, and customer reviews before booking.

A Stress-Free Long Layover Awaits

With the knowledge gleaned from this comprehensive guide, you can conquer long layovers at Luton Airport with confidence. The Long Term Car Park offers a secure and budget-friendly solution for extended trips, while alternative options cater to various needs and preferences. Remember to consider your trip duration, budget, and convenience priorities when making your parking selection. By planning ahead and utilizing the resources provided, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free parking experience, allowing you to focus on the excitement of your upcoming adventure!

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