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For travelers at London Luton Airport (LLA) seeking a balance between convenience and cost for short-to-medium-term parking, the Mid Term Car Park emerges as a compelling option. This guide delves into the details of the Mid Term Car Park, highlighting its advantages, procedures, and considerations.


Convenient Location: Striking the Right Distance

The Mid Term Car Park lives up to its name by offering a middle ground between the immediate proximity of the terminal buildings and the more budget-friendly options further away. Located on the airport grounds, it provides a comfortable walking distance of approximately 8-10 minutes to the terminal buildings. This translates to a manageable walk with luggage, especially compared to the Long Stay Car Park, which requires a shuttle bus ride.

Secure Parking: Peace of Mind for Your Vehicle

The Mid Term Car Park offers a secure environment for your vehicle during your trip. Here are some security measures in place:

  • Security Barriers: Upon arrival, you’ll enter the car park through security barriers that control access.
  • 24/7 Patrolling: The car park benefits from regular patrols throughout the day and night for added security.
  • Fenced Perimeter: The entire Mid Term Car Park is enclosed with a secure fence, deterring unauthorized access.
  • Lighting: Adequate lighting is provided throughout the car park for better visibility, especially during nighttime hours.

While these measures significantly enhance security, it’s still recommended to remove valuables from your car and keep them with you during your travels.

No Pre-Booking Required: Flexibility for Spontaneous Travelers

A key advantage of the Mid Term Car Park is the flexibility it offers. Unlike some other options at Luton Airport, pre-booking is not mandatory. This allows you to make last-minute parking arrangements without worrying about online booking deadlines or potential changes in your travel plans.

How to Find Us and What You’ll Need to Do: Arriving at the Mid Term Car Park

How to Find Us

Finding your way to the Mid Term Car Park is straightforward:

  • Sat Nav: If using a satellite navigation system (Sat Nav), enter the postcode LU2 9QT to reach the airport. Follow the signs for the Mid Term Car Park once you arrive on-site.
  • Signage: Look for clear signage directing you towards the Mid Term Car Park as you approach the airport.

Upon arrival:

  1. Entry Barrier: Approach the entry barrier. The system utilizes automatic number plate recognition (ANPR). Ensure your license plate is clearly visible.
  2. Ticket Collection: After ANPR verification, a ticket will be dispensed. Keep this ticket safe as you’ll need it for payment upon exit.
  3. Find a Parking Space: Proceed to find a suitable parking space within the designated areas.

Important Note: Familiarize yourself with parking regulations displayed within the car park. These might include restrictions on certain vehicle types or limitations on parking in specific areas.

Drop Off/Pick Up in Mid Term Car Park: Convenience at Your Doorstep

Convenience at Your Doorstep

The Mid Term Car Park caters specifically to those who prefer to park their car themselves and walk directly to the terminal building. With a walking distance of approximately 8-10 minutes, you can easily manage your luggage and avoid the inconvenience of waiting for a shuttle bus.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • Luggage Carts: While walking, you might encounter luggage trolleys available for a small fee if needed.
  • Accessibility: If you have mobility limitations or require assistance with luggage, consider alternative car park options, such as Terminal Car Parks, which offer closer proximity to the terminal buildings.

Drop Off/Pick Up in Long Stay Car Park: Exploring Alternative Options

While the Mid Term Car Park prioritizes self-parking and walking, there might be situations where dropping off or picking up passengers is more convenient.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Limited Drop-Off/Pick-Up Zone: The Mid Term Car Park does offer a limited designated drop-off/pick-up zone for quick passenger exchanges. This zone aims to minimize congestion and maintain a smooth flow of traffic within the car park.
  • Alternatives: If expecting a longer wait or assisting passengers with heavy luggage, consider using the designated drop-off/pick-up area in the Long Stay Car Park. This area typically allows for more extended waiting periods.
  • Long Stay Car Park Shuttle: After dropping off or picking up passengers at the Long Stay Car Park, access the terminal buildings using the free and frequent shuttle bus service.
  • Important Note: Always be mindful of traffic regulations within drop-off/pick-up zones and avoid exceeding permitted waiting times.

Parking for Motorcycles: Two Wheels Welcome

Parking for Motorcycles

The Mid Term Car Park caters to motorcycle parking as well. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Designated Motorcycle Parking: Dedicated motorcycle parking bays are available within the Mid Term Car Park. Look for signage and markings indicating these designated areas.
  • Free Parking: A significant benefit for motorcycle riders is that parking at the Mid Term Car Park is free for motorcycles up to 14 days. This eliminates parking charges for shorter trips.
  • Security: While motorcycles occupy designated bays, they still benefit from the overall security measures implemented within the Mid Term Car Park, including security patrols and fencing.
  • Important Note: Always ensure your motorcycle is properly secured using a suitable motorcycle lock when parked.

Payment Upon Exit: Settling Your Parking Charges

After retrieving your vehicle, proceed towards the exit barriers:

  1. Payment Booths: Locate the payment booths before reaching the exit barriers.
  2. Payment Options: The payment booths typically accept various payment methods, including cash, major credit cards, and contactless payments.
  3. Ticket Validation: Present your parking ticket along with your chosen payment method at the booth.
  4. Exit Barrier: Upon successful payment, you’ll receive a valid exit ticket.
  5. Exit: Insert the exit ticket into the designated slot at the barrier to raise it and proceed out of the car park.
  6. Important Note: Familiarize yourself with the current parking charges for cars at the Mid Term Car Park. This information can be found on the official Luton Airport website or displayed at the car park entrance.

Mid Term Car Park – A Well-Rounded Choice

The Mid Term Car Park at Luton Airport offers a compelling option for travelers seeking a balance between convenient location, secure parking, and cost-effectiveness for short-to-medium-term stays. It provides a manageable walking distance to the terminal buildings, eliminates the need for pre-booking, and offers a secure environment for your vehicle.

Here’s a quick recap of the key advantages of the Mid Term Car Park:

  • Convenient Location: Approximately 8-10 minutes walking distance from the terminal buildings.
  • Secure Parking: Security measures include barriers, patrols, fencing, and lighting.
  • No Pre-Booking Required: Flexibility for spontaneous travelers.
  • Free Motorcycle Parking: Up to 14 days for motorcycles.
  • Multiple Payment Options: Cash, credit cards, and contactless payments accepted.

By considering your specific needs and priorities, the Mid Term Car Park can be a valuable choice for a smooth and hassle-free parking experience at London Luton Airport. Remember to check the official Luton Airport website for the latest information on parking charges and any updates to car park regulations.

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