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Traveling can be both exciting and stressful. Gatwick Airport, a major hub for international travel, understands the importance of minimizing pre-travel stress. This comprehensive guide explores Gatwick’s Meet and Greet parking services, offering you an in-depth look at this premium parking option.

What is Meet and Greet Parking?

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Meet and Greet parking eliminates the hassle of finding a parking space and lugging luggage. Upon arrival at the airport, a friendly staff member will greet you at a designated location, typically either the terminal forecourt or a dedicated area within a Short Stay car park. They will handle your luggage (with some providers) and professionally park your car in a secure facility. When you return, simply contact the Meet and Greet provider upon reclaiming your luggage, and your car will be waiting for you at the pick-up point, ready to hit the road.

Benefits of Gatwick Meet and Greet Parking:

Benefits of Gatwick Meet and Greet Parking

  • Unmatched Convenience: Prioritize your travel experience by focusing on your flight and itinerary. No need to worry about finding a parking space or navigating the car park.
  • Time-Saving: Eliminate the time spent searching for parking and avoid potential delays in busy car parks.
  • Security & Peace of Mind: Your vehicle is parked in a secure, monitored facility, offering peace of mind while you travel.
  • Luggage Assistance (Optional): Some providers offer luggage assistance, making the entire airport experience even smoother, especially for those traveling with heavy luggage or families with young children.

Types of Meet and Greet Parking at Gatwick:

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Gatwick Airport offers two main types of Meet and Greet services, each with its own advantages:

  • Forecourt Meet and Greet:

    • Convenience: The ultimate level of convenience. Staff meets you directly at the terminal forecourt, eliminating the need for any transfers.
    • Walking Distance: No walking distance involved as staff take care of everything.
    • Ideal for: Travelers prioritizing absolute time-saving and those who want to minimize walking, especially those with limited mobility or heavy luggage.
  • Short Stay Car Park Meet and Greet:

    • Cost-Effective: A slightly more affordable option compared to Forecourt Meet and Greet.
    • Walking Distance: A short walk from the designated Short Stay car park to the terminal (typically 2-5 minutes).
    • Ideal for: Budget-conscious travelers comfortable with a short walk who still appreciate the convenience of having their car professionally parked.

Choosing the Right Meet and Greet Service:

Several factors can influence your choice of Meet and Greet service at Gatwick:

  • Price: Forecourt Meet and Greet is typically slightly more expensive than the Short Stay Car Park Meet and Greet option.
  • Convenience: Forecourt Meet and Greet offers the ultimate time-saving and hassle-free experience.
  • Walking Distance: If minimizing walking is a priority, Forecourt Meet and Greet is the ideal choice.
  • Luggage Assistance: Some providers offer luggage assistance with both Meet and Greet types. Check with the specific provider to confirm this service.

Detailed Look at Gatwick Meet and Greet Providers:

Detailed Look at Gatwick Meet and Greet Providers

Numerous reputable companies offer Meet and Greet services at Gatwick Airport. Here’s a breakdown to help you compare options:

  • Official Gatwick Meet and Greet: Operated by a trusted partner of Gatwick Airport, this service guarantees high standards and a seamless experience. It offers both Forecourt and Short Stay Car Park Meet and Greet options.
  • Large Parking Management Companies: National parking providers often offer Meet and Greet services at Gatwick. Research their offerings and compare prices and included features.
  • Independent Meet and Greet Companies: Many local companies specialize in Meet and Greet services. While these companies may offer competitive rates, ensure they are fully insured and operate secure car parks.

Important Considerations:

  • Pre-Booking Online: Always pre-book online to secure a spot and potentially access discounts.
  • Compare Rates: Prices can vary between providers. Research different options and compare rates for both Forecourt and Short Stay Car Park Meet and Greet options to find the best deal that aligns with your needs.
  • Read Reviews: Online reviews offer valuable insights from previous customers.
  • Booking Confirmation: Carefully review your booking confirmation to ensure all details, like arrival and pick-up instructions, are accurate.

Additional Services Offered by Some Meet and Greet Providers:

  • Car Valeting: Upgrade your service with a car valeting option while your vehicle is securely parked. This ensures a sparkling clean car upon your return.
  • Battery Maintenance: Some providers offer battery maintenance or charging services, especially helpful for extended trips or vehicles prone to battery issues.

Planning Your Gatwick Meet and Greet Experience

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Arrival at Gatwick Airport:

  • Pre-Flight Communication: Double-check your booking confirmation and familiarize yourself with arrival instructions. Some providers may require a courtesy call upon approaching the airport.
  • Meeting Point: Locate the designated meeting point as specified in your booking confirmation. For Forecourt Meet and Greet, this will be clearly marked at the terminal forecourt. For Short Stay Car Park Meet and Greet, follow the designated instructions typically involving signage or a dedicated area within the car park.
  • Meet and Greet Staff: A friendly member of staff will greet you at the designated point. They will typically introduce themselves, confirm your booking details, and perform a quick visual inspection of your vehicle for any pre-existing damage (documented for record-keeping).
  • Luggage Assistance (if offered): If you’ve booked a service with luggage assistance, the staff will handle your luggage, making the transition even smoother.

Parking Your Vehicle:

  • Key Handover: You will be asked to hand over your car keys to the staff member. They will then professionally park your vehicle in a secure, monitored car park facility.
  • Security: Rest assured that your car is parked in a secure location with CCTV surveillance and security patrols.

Upon Your Return:

  • Contacting the Provider: Once you have collected your luggage after your return flight, contact the Meet and Greet provider using the phone number provided in your booking confirmation.
  • Car Retrieval: Depending on your chosen service, your car will either be waiting for you at the designated pick-up point (typically the same as the drop-off point) or delivered to a pre-arranged location within the terminal forecourt.

Important Tips for a Smooth Meet and Greet Experience:

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  • Pre-Book Early: Especially during peak travel seasons, pre-booking your Meet and Greet service well in advance ensures availability and potentially provides access to early booking discounts.
  • Allow Extra Time: While Meet and Greet services are efficient, unforeseen circumstances can arise. Factor in some buffer time upon arrival to avoid last-minute stress.
  • Double-Check Details: Carefully review your booking confirmation to ensure all details regarding arrival and pickup procedures are accurate.
  • Communicate Clearly: If you have any specific needs or require clarification on procedures, don’t hesitate to communicate clearly with the Meet and Greet staff.
  • Inspect Your Vehicle: Upon receiving your car back, do a quick visual inspection for any damage. If you notice anything, report it immediately to the staff member.


Meet and Greet parking at Gatwick Airport offers a convenient and stress-free solution for starting and ending your travels. By understanding the different types of services available, choosing the option that best suits your needs, and following these helpful tips, you can ensure a seamless and time-saving experience at Gatwick Airport. So, sit back, relax, and focus on the excitement of your trip while Meet and Greet parking handles the car park logistics for you.

Additional Resources:

  • Gatwick Airport Official Website: Provides information on official Meet and Greet services and links to their partners.
  • Meet and Greet Parking Provider Websites: Research individual provider websites for detailed service descriptions, pricing structures, and booking options.
  • Online Review Platforms: Read reviews from previous customers on reputable online platforms to gain valuable insights into provider experiences.

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