Best Guide to Meet and Greet Parking at Luton Airport – 2024


London Luton Airport parking (LTN) caters to a diverse range of travelers, offering a variety of options to suit every budget and convenience level. This guide delves into the details of each parking type, providing estimated prices per day, per week, and distance to the terminal.

London Luton Airport Parking: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding the Options:

LTN parking offers a mix of self-park and drop-off/meet and greet services. Here’s a breakdown of the available categories:

Self-Park Options:

Understanding the Options:

  • Budget-Friendly: Perfect for budget-conscious travelers on shorter trips.
    • Providers: Airparks Drop & Go, Holiday Extras Drop & Go, APH Drop & Go, Airparks Self Park, Purple Parking Self Park, Holiday Extras Self Park.
    • Price Range: Approximately £3.94 per day and £31.49 per week.
    • Distance: Typically a 14-15 minute transfer via complimentary shuttle bus.
    • Benefits: Most affordable option of Luton Airport parking, ideal for short stays or those comfortable with a short shuttle ride.
  • Mid-Range: L uton Airport parking offers a balance between cost and convenience.
    • Provider: Long Term Parking.
    • Price Range: Around £4.37 per day and £33.99 per week.
    • Distance: Requires a 10-minute shuttle bus ride.
    • Benefits: Slightly more affordable than closer options, still offers a convenient shuttle service.
  • Short-Term Parking: Ideal for quick pick-ups or drop-offs.
    • Providers: Airparks Shortrun, Holiday Extras Short Run.
    • Price Range: Slightly higher than budget options, ranging from £4.74 to £5.23 per day and £34.99 per week.
    • Distance: Located closer to the terminal, offering a 4-5 minute transfer.
    • Benefits: Provides faster access to the terminal for brief visits.
  • Mid-Term Parking: Luton Airport parking offers a compromise between price and walking distance.
    • Provider: Mid Term Parking.
    • Price Range: Around £5.23 per day and £37.99 per week.
    • Distance: A 7-8 minute walk from the terminal.
    • Benefits: More affordable than short-term options, still offers reasonable walking distance.

Drop-Off & Meet and Greet Services:

Drop-Off & Meet and Greet Services:

These Airport Pick Drop services offer ultimate convenience, leaving you to focus on your trip.

  • Budget-Conscious: Luton Airport parking provides a comfortable middle ground between price and convenience.
    • Providers: Airparks Charge & Go, Park Up Meet and Greet.
    • Price Range: Starts around £5.49 per day and £41.99 per week.
    • Distance: No transfers required, staff parks your car for you.
    • Benefits: More affordable than premium meet and greet options, eliminates parking hassle.
  • Premium Convenience: Offers the ultimate ease of parking.
    • Providers: Blue Circle Parking Meet & Greet, Terminal Car Park 1, Terminal Car Park 2, Purple Parking Meet and Greet, Maple Parking Meet and Greet, Airparks Meet and Greet, Priority Parking.
    • Price Range: Starts from £6.74 per day and £43.99 per week, with some exceeding £7 per day.
    • Distance: No transfers required, staff parks your car for you, often in designated car parks closer to the terminal.
    • Benefits: Maximum convenience, eliminates parking stress entirely.
  • Luxury Service: Luton Airport parking offers the highest level of personalized service.
    • Providers: Holiday Extras Perfect Meet and Greet, Smart Meet & Greet, Swift Meet & Greet.
    • Price Range: The most expensive option, with prices ranging from £7.49 to £14.50 per day and £58.50 to £80.64 per week.
    • Distance: Typically located close to the terminal, with a 3-4 minute walk in some cases. Staff may even assist with luggage.
    • Benefits: Unparalleled convenience, personalized service of Luton Airport parking that goes beyond just parking.

Additional Options:

Additional Options
  • Auction House Park and Ride: Offers a budget-friendly option for long stays.
    • Price Range: Around £8.64 per day and £60.00 per week.
    • Distance: Requires a 10-minute shuttle ride.
    • Benefits: Ideal for extended stays, provides a cost-effective solution.
  • Vauxhall Way Drop and Go, Vauxhall Way Self Park, Vauxhall Self Park Larger Vehicles: Ideal for short stays or larger vehicles.
    • Price Range: More expensive option offer by Luton Airport parking, starting from £8.64 per day and ranging up to £10.08 per day, with weekly rates from £60.00 to £69.12.
  • Distance: Close proximity to the terminal, with transfers ranging from 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Benefits: Convenient for quick drop-offs or those with oversized vehicles, but comes at a premium cost.

Important Considerations:

Important Considerations:
  • Estimated Prices: The prices mentioned are estimates and can fluctuate based on factors like booking in advance, seasonality, and special offers. Always check the official LTN website or the provider’s website for the latest rates and availability.
  • Pre-Booking Benefits: Pre-booking online is highly recommended. It guarantees you a parking spot, often at a discounted rate compared to on-the-day prices. Luton Airport parking discounts can be significant, sometimes reaching up to 70%.
  • Comparison Websites: Third-party comparison websites can be helpful tools to find the best deals for your specific needs and travel dates. They allow you to compare prices and services of various providers in a single place.

Making the Right Choice:

With such a variety of options available, choosing the best parking solution depends on your priorities:

  • Budget: If cost is your primary concern, budget-friendly self-park options or the Auction House Park and Ride are ideal.
  • Convenience: For maximum ease, consider premium meet and greet services.
  • Travel Duration: Long-term parking becomes more economical for extended stays.
  • Walking Distance: If you prefer minimal walking, short-term parking or car parks closer to the terminal are good choices.

Additional Services Offered by LTN Parking:

Additional Services Offered by LTN Parking:
  • 24/7 Security: All car parks are Park Mark® certified, ensuring adherence to national safety standards. CCTV surveillance and security patrols provide added peace of mind.
  • Electric Vehicle Charging: While charging points are free to use, standard parking charges apply in Terminal Car Park 1.
  • Lost and Found: A dedicated Lost and Found service is available in case you misplace anything during your parking experience.

Here’s an overview of the different parking services available at Luton Airport:

Off-site Luton Airport Parking:

Off-site Luton Airport Parking:

Off-site parking at Luton Airport refers to parking facilities located outside the airport premises but in close proximity. These facilities offer a cost-effective alternative to on-site parking while providing convenient shuttle services to and from the airport terminals. Off-site parking options often include both short-term and long-term Luton Airport parking solutions, catering to the diverse needs of travelers. Customers can typically book their parking spaces in advance online, ensuring a hassle-free experience on the day of their journey.

On-site Luton Airport Parking:

On-site Luton Airport Parking:

On-site Luton Airport parking offers the convenience of parking for airport pick drop directly within the airport grounds, typically within walking distance of the terminal buildings. This option is ideal for travelers who prioritize proximity and ease of access. On-site parking facilities may include both standard parking lots and premium parking areas with added amenities such as covered parking, valet services, and priority booking options. While generally more expensive than off-site alternatives, on-site parking provides peace of mind for passengers looking for a seamless airport parking experience.

Meet and Greet Packages at Luton Airport:

Meet and Greet Packages at Luton Airport:

Meet and Greet services at Luton Airport provide a premium parking experience tailored to the needs of busy travelers. With this option, customers can drive directly to the airport terminal entrance, where a professional valet attendant will meet them to collect their vehicle. The attendant then parks the car in a secure parking facility while the passenger proceeds directly to check-in. Upon return, the passenger simply contacts the Meet and Greet service, and their vehicle is brought to the terminal for pickup, allowing for a swift and stress-free departure from the airport. Meet and Greet packages often include additional services such as car washes and interior cleaning, adding an extra layer of convenience for travelers.


Overall, Luton Airport offers a range of parking solutions to accommodate the diverse needs and preferences of passengers, whether they seek affordability, convenience, or premium service. By providing options such as off-site parking, on-site parking, and Meet and Greet packages, the airport aims to enhance the overall travel experience for its customers.

London Luton Airport caters to diverse parking needs with its extensive options. By understanding the various types, their pricing structures, and distances to the terminal, you can make an informed decision and find the perfect parking solution for your next trip. Remember, planning ahead and taking advantage of online booking can significantly reduce your costs. So, relax, pre-book your parking, and focus on the excitement of your journey!

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